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Yacht Rigging

Norsand Boatyard's in-house Riggers are here for all your rigging related projects. From rig checks, repairs and replacements, lifelines to headsail furler maintenance and installation.

Offering a range of services, including:

  • Comphrensive rig inspections, for insurance or maintenance

  • Custom rig modifications and fabrication

  • Headsail Furling Systems and Deck Hardware

  • Modern and Traditional splicing, including control lines, halyards, dock lines and anchor chain  splices

  • Re-Rigging, from replacing standing and running rigging to mast removal and re-stepping

We stock and supply high quality rope and cordage in our rigging shop, as well as all tools and machinery required to undertake any modifications on your rigging.

Norsand has a modern 150mm swage machine which makes light work of any cabling.

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